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Training and Presenting Services

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IP training

As as installer of networking components you have a responsibility to know your subject, and demonstrating this to your client is paramount. Clavia has developed a suite of networking courses which are designed specifically for the AV installer. We are from the industry, we have previously spent many years as integrators so we know exactly what you're up against, and we're here to help you get it right. 

If you can answer the following questions without cheating then you're in good shape:


Which layer of the OSI model does IP live in?

What is the relationship between the MAC address and the IP address from a data packet perspective?

How does multicasting work, and which protocol does it rely on?


If you struggled with these questions, you need our help. Our one day IP training courses:

- Build your confidence in networking like no other company has been able to do 

- Enable you to demonstrate a clear understanding of AV networking to your clients

- Help you get to grips with real world scenarios such as video over IP


Why not give us a call to see how our tailor made IP courses can help you


Presentation Skills

Speaking before a group of people, large or small, can be a daunting experience. Presenting confidently leads to project wins. Our one day courses are guaranteed to increase your confidence levels and allow you to control your audience. 



There are no cameras watching you, just your instructor, who will work with you personally to develop your understanding of presenting strengths and individual style.



"Many thanks for your informative day. We’ll most definitely be in contact to further our training programme"

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Presentation Services

From keynotes to trade show stands, the Clavia team are on hand to provide you with professional, engaging and often witty presentations. We always ensure that your audience feels very much part of our act, and we aim to leave them talking about its content for some time afterwards.  



We are often asked to present topics to in-house teams, or support your existing presenters to ensure the message is driven home to your customer. Our presenting services include:

- Subject matter expert facilitation

- Conference hosting

- Keynote presentations

- Co-presenting

- CPD (Continuing Professional Development) presentations

- Trade show presentations