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Many people love to watch TV. They get visually stimulated and it helps them to learn about a subject. Others like to read to achieve the same goal, so when a white paper is sent with new and important industry information, how many recipients actually sit and read through it? 

It can often be really difficult getting the key points across with technical content, and keeping the attention of your customer is much harder. At Clavia, when it comes to training, we know how to build content properly. Remember - ’Too much, too fast, won't last!'

Our explainer animations and e-learning videos are designed to engage your customers within seconds, and have just the right amount of graphical content to explain everything they need to know.

We have an Audio Visual Industry pedigree, so all you need to do is send us the topic and content you already have and we will do the rest. From white papers to product information our videos are guaranteed to bring your content to life! 

We work with you to perfect the scripts before building your video. Then, we create the magic and send you the final result.



our clients include


"Clavia made the video creation process very simple! We provided assets and a few pieces of information and they did the rest! Their videos make understanding our products easy and fun! They even helped our internal team to better understand and be able to explain our new products."


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explainer Animation or e-learning video?


Explainer Animations

Our explainer videos are short animations designed to explain key facts or knowledge about a product or subject. While explainers are not designed to be direct replacements for training webinars, they can be used to stimulate the learner visually, often explaining key messages far quicker than the traditional 'talking head' method used extensively in most industries. We can use clipart based animations or photographic content, they can be funny or serious, it's entirely up to you. We can build in short Q&A reviews to serve as a fantastic pre-requisite to classroom based training, or a simple memory jogger for your customers. We can even create your own character to use across your videos to ensure consistency. 

E-Learning Videos

Our e-learning videos modules are designed to replicate the successes we see in the training room, using the correct amount of visual content to stimulate the learner just enough to take away the key messages. Video creation isn't all about animation, in fact over animating can often be too distracting. Our e-learning videos are professional, engaging and still fun to watch so your customers are far more likely to come back for more.

Take a look through some examples of our work.